Wage dumping and tax fraud - true or not?

Writing Buildup Nordic in Google search, you can’t unsee the Swedish article about wage dumping and tax fraud. Loud title, but how loud and close to reality? – http://www.stoppafusket.se/2018/07/05/trafikverket-lonedumpning-och-skattefusk/.
“There is no such thing as bad publicity.”
Even the criminals for their crime have the limitation of criminal proceedings, but we can’t delete our past, through these years we have grown, and things have changed.
The article comes with this name, and we think that this is the moment we need to talk about it out loud. This was our first experience in Sweden; our lack of experience in Sweden concluded with this. Yes, we had to learn more, even nobody requested any of these things from us. By that time, we worked and still working strictly in accordance with the law of Sweden.
LLC “Franzoni & Co” was our subcontractor for this project. They worked then and works now strictly in accordance with the law of the Republic of Latvia. To workers, they pay all travel costs, accommodations, travel allowances (which in Sweden is 50 Eur per day, even in their holidays) and standard wage of course. In Latvia, they pay all taxes, so their workers can be sure about their future.
We realized our mistake, and since 2018 we are a member of BYGGNADS (Swedish Construction Workers’ Union). As a trade union, they work for better wages and a safer work environment. They negotiate with employers about collective agreements and order and find out in the construction industry and give Buildup Nordic advice and support. They offer us a wide range of education and information, through meetings, study circles and courses.
As the BYGGNADS say about themselves:
“To achieve our goals, we also engage in labor market policy, housing policy, business policy and welfare issues.”
We are following BYGGNADS unions’ values and guidelines they are providing us consistently. Today we seek people who appreciate what we have to offer. We had our share of good times and bad. But we appreciate all of them because each of them gave us a lesson and a good or bad experience. And for that, we are always grateful.

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